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Mollom for .NET is a library to access the Mollom anti-spam service from .NET applications. See for more information on Mollom.


The released client API consists of three files:
  • JelleDruyts.Mollom.Client.dll: The .NET assembly you can reference in your own projects. This is the only required file.
  • JelleDruyts.Mollom.Client.xml: The IntelliSense information for the .NET assembly.
  • JelleDruyts.Mollom.Client.chm: The technical documentation for Mollom for .NET.

Getting Started

Basic usage looks as follows:

MollomClient client = new MollomClient(privateKey, publicKey);
ContentCheck result = client.CheckContent(postTitle, postBody, authorName, authorMail, authorUrl, authorIPAddress);
if (result.Classification == ContentClassification.Spam)
    // Handle spam here...

You can also download the source code, which includes a test console application and a unit test suite, for more extensive samples on how to use the client API.

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